Mirror, Mirror: How to Decorate Your Home Using Mirrors

March 4, 2019 Author: Lynne Halloran

Mirrors are one of the most valuable weapons in a home decorator’s arsenal. This piece of décor has been used to add flair and style for centuries. From grand palaces to your average Indianapolis home, mirrors have long graced the walls of rooms and hallways, adding a little bit of sparkle to an otherwise drab space.

Yet a mirror’s splendor can only be fully appreciated if it is installed in the right way. Well-placed mirrors in Indianapolis homes can create the illusion of having a bigger room and can be tastefully used to brighten up a place. In other words, a mirror’s decorative value depends on where it’s located, so if you’re looking to install nice, large mirrors in your home, here are some of the best locations for them.

Above the Mantel

Putting mirrors above mantels and fireplaces is one of the most classic interior decorating techniques. A large mirror above the mantel is eye-catching enough, removing the need to place other furnishings and knickknacks atop the surface. This type of placement is perfect for living rooms with a sleek and minimalistic style.

On Adjacent Walls

Home owners can choose to install mirrors on multiple walls to create a more avant-garde atmosphere. An article from shares, “Line two adjacent walls with mirrors to really bounce the light around the room. This works especially well in the dining room, as it gives the impression there is a bigger crowd around the table — but be warned, the multiple reflections created by two mirrors can be dizzying.”

Beside or Across a Window

Show off that gorgeous view outside the window by placing a mirror straight across it. A big mirror in front of a window will help increase the available natural light, with the reflection serving as an extension of the beauty found outdoors and bringing a piece of that gorgeous landscape inside.

Properly placed mirrors can reflect the home owners’ style, flair, and personality. If you’re looking to jazz up key spaces in your home, an Indianapolis glass company such as Suburban Glass can set up beautiful and well-made mirrors that are sure to enhance your home’s interiors.