Pros Can Help You Know if Your Home Needs Window Repair or Replacement

March 4, 2019 Author: Lynne Halloran

Whether or not there are telltale signs that your windows are in need of repair or replacement, homeowners and building managers in Indianapolis should plan on having their properties inspected periodically by a professional window repair company. Having a thorough inspection of your windows is the one of the most reliable ways to uncover hidden issues that can cause extensive damage.

Damage to Windows is Not Always Readily Apparent

Damage to windows does not have to be readily apparent for problems to exist. In fact, many windows, in need of significant repairs, have latent defects or hidden damage that need professional attention. As such, even when a window appears to be in good shape it may actually be in need of repairs or replacement.

Although every situation is different, reports of problems with windows may be an indication of a greater problem. As an owner of a high-rise residential building learned recently, reports of a water leaking from several tenants was actually a sign that there was a widespread problem that needed to be corrected. In this scenario, unbeknownst to the owner, the water intrusion caused widespread damage to all of the window frame fasteners throughout the entire building. In the end, the owner had to spend close to five million dollars to replace every single window after they were all blown out by a storm.

Routine Maintenance and Window Repairs Can Help Prevent Permanent Damage

Windows are a long-term investment that require routine maintenance. Property owners who have their structures checked periodically may be able to avoid costly replacement and installation bills by having their windows repaired. In addition, those who have not implemented proper window maintenance and routine inspection must call a window repair company right away to determine if any of the windows need to be repaired or replaced.

Although every situation is different, homeowners and building managers in Indianapolis should take care to make certain their windows are always in good condition. For added reassurance, owners and managers should plan on having their windows at their homes and their premises inspected by a reliable window glass repair company, such as Suburban Glass Service Inc. on a regular basis.